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Making the world more open and fair.

AlphaWallet is founded by blockchain geeks and business professionals who believe blockchain technology will have a massive impact on the future and change the landscape of technology in general. We strive to make this vision a reality by providing an easy-to-use platform which makes the technology available for anyone.

We believe blockchain technology will make integration between service providers seamless on the consumer end by creating open and audit-able tokens and systems.


Weiwu Zhang

Chief Technical Officer

Over 5 years experience in blockchain, from alt currency design to trading algorithms, served as blockchain architect in Commonwealth Bank of Australia (biggest financial institution in Australia).

Victor Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

3 years experience in blockchain, over 10 years business experience with 7 years experience managing multinational teams and businesses across Asia countries — Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India.

James Brown

Lead Developer

4 years experience in blockchain, served as Lead dev for blockchain projects in Commonwealth Bank of Australia, finalized several internal bank blockchain projects including a new production blockchain identity system.

James Sangalli


Over 4 years experience in blockchain, served as blockchain dev in Commonwealth Bank of Australia, smart contract developer and publisher of ERC875.

Have a DApp that you'd like to display and customise in our wallet?


@gakonst True
- Sunday Jan 20 - 1:59pm

RT @Victor928: This is cool, can work together with our tools, https://t.co/cRSx3gE48v and https://t.co/ISDiilCsoU https://t.co/n0LfJ8SqSe
- Sunday Jan 20 - 1:16am

    January 1, 2019
    AlphaWallet 和 Nervos 簽署備忘錄正式建立深層次合作伙伴關係

    今天是2019 年的第一天, AlphaWallet 和 Nervos 宣布正式建立層次合作,共同推動區塊鏈技術的進一步發展,未來雙方將在包括聯合技術研發、品牌市場行銷、海內外市場拓展等領域展開密切合作。 […]

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