AlphaWallet 1.60 Release

The team at AlphaWallet is excited to announce that AlphaWallet App version 1.60 released, inluding the iOS version and Android version.


What’s New?

  •  Upgraded Dapp browser.
  •  Multi Chain token discovery – wallet finds all standard tokens in all the chains on your wallet address.
  •  Names for each account.
  •  Shows all selected chains for account (use chain filter to select displayed chains).
  •  Various fixes.
  •  Reduce network bandwidth.
  •  Improve dapp browser flow to be more consistent with expectation.
  •  Ensure gas calculation is for the correct chain.
  •  Fix fragment issue for Android Pi.
  •  Correct spawn token behaviour.



Surf the DApps! We are completely open source on Github and available on both the app store and play store , feel free to put AlphaWallet in your hand!




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