The Best Wallet for Collectibles

What is the best Ethereum wallet for collectibles? AlphaWallet supports all crypto collectible tokens. Manage, trade and securely keep your collectibles — game assets, art pieces, tickets, or any other assets…

Ethereum Wallet for Collectibles

What are Collectibles?

Crypto-collectibles are just like traditional collectibles like sports cards or coins, but digitally available on a blockchain. And unlike other digital collectibles (such as game rewards), crypto-collectibles are fully under your control. Unlike cryptocurrency, where each token is interchangeable and value remains constant between tokens, Collectibles have unique characteristics and value, often available in limited quantities. The most famous example might be CryptoKitties, but many more have been created since then.

What are NFTs?

‘Collectibles’ is the name often given to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ERC721 or ERC1155 tokens. So you might see these names being used interchangeably as well.Fungibility refers to the interchangeability of an asset. For example, each ETH token is interchangeable, and is therefore fungible. Each tokenized CryptoKitty is unique in characteristics and value, and is not interchangeable, therefore being non-fungible.

All collectibles are NFTs, but not all NFTs are collectibles. NFTs can also represent real-life assets such as art or real estate, event tickets or position in a contract (such as a token representing rent).

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