The Best Wallet for DeFi

What is the best wallet for DeFi (decentralized finances)? AlphaWallet gives you the tools you need to borrow, earn or profit with DeFi. Lend cryptocurrency such as USDC, DAI or USDT to earn interest.

Borrow Ethereum against decentralized collateral positions, at your choice of risk. Access and trade with Decentralized Exchanges such as DDEX or Dy/Dx. Use Uniswap to swap your tokens in multiple pairs. Participate in experimental markets such as Synthetix and Augur. 

What is Decentralized Finance, or DeFi?

A catch-all term, it refers to smart contract enforced protocols and applications built on Ethereum. These do away with the need for middle-men, gatekeepers or trusting 3rd parties. It’s “finance software built on the blockchain that can be pieced together like Money Legos”DeFi Pulse

Why should I care?

DeFi tools use smart contracts to enforce rules between all participants, without the need for middlemen or “gatekeepers” to prevent your operations. This means more control, and more privacy to you.

You can borrow assets, and earn interest from others borrowing your assets in an open, liquid market. Without middle-men, you also are able to earn higher returns as a lender. And thanks to blockchain transparency, you’re able to better understand the risks and operations. With decentralized exchanges, you’re also able to trade and handle funds without the need for KYCs, sign-ups or withdrawal fees.

Why AlphaWallet?

Why is AlphaWallet the best wallet for DeFi?

  • Earn with the best interest rates directly from your wallet
  • Interface with major DeFi tools
  • Connect and trade with decentralized exchanges
  • Buy, sell and exchange stablecoins with the dapp browser
  • Secure Enclave keeps your coins safe
  • No KYC or personal data collected

All Defi Tokens

Defi Tokens

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