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How to make your own mobile blockchain app in 3 hours?

Forking AlphaWallet gives you the best framework (TokenScript) for supporting your token on any network

Basically, there are only 2 steps:
Step 1, Tokenise transferable rights by using a smart-contract and TokenScript
Step 2, Fork AlphaWallet

What type of information(data) should we put on the blockchain?

Example: USDC

a. The information to represent I own 100 USDC

b. The information to represent I my U.S. citizenship

c. The information to represent Q&A (instruction manual) of using USDC

d. The information to represent the transaction logic of USDC

e. The information to represent the minting logic of USDC e.g. register an account with Circle, transfer USD to a bank account and etc.

Example: a token representing a car ownership

a. The information to represent I own this car

b. The information to represent my driver license

c. The information to represent my car instruction manual

d. The information to represent the transaction logic of rights related to this car, transfer, sell, collateralise

e. The information to represent the operating logic of this car: open door, close door, start the engine or locate the car.

The answer is a and d.
If there is no ownership like c and e, please use a digital signature.
If there is no ownership transfer, like b, please use an attestation.

The blockchain is for tokenising transferable rights like ownership and defining the transaction rules.

Dapps are web app using tokenised rights

DApps are no more than a transitory phase into web3.0. There is no such thing as a DApp, it is merely a normal web app using tokenised rights. Some provide functionality like exchanging tokens (Uniswap), or collateralise ETH to mint DAI; while others provide services based on the rights you have, like an app to provide hotel discounts if you possess an Olympic ticket token.

Such applications could also extend to more mainstream applications like using an identity token (such as an attestation) to login to an age-restricted website.

The key takeaway is that all of these are linked to a tokenised right thereby making the token the key point in unlocking web3.0.

What rights can you tokenise?

If you have full control over an asset or right and can do whatever you want with it (without the need for another authority like a local government or company), then you can tokenise that right by yourself.

If your right/asset is not purely owned/controlled by you, then you may need to work with other authorities to tokenise such a right/asset.

Since the ethereum blockchain is public and accessible to everyone, these tokenised rights can be seamlessly integrated across services, allowing a massive increase in their utility as an underlying asset.

They can also be traded on the market with less friction, increasing the liquidity of the rights.

How to define the logic of ownership and transaction rules?

Write a smart-contract.

How to define other logic?

Write a TokenScript.

How to provide the best mobile user experience

Fork AlphaWallet iOS and Android

AlphaWallet and TokenScript are both open source products which anyone is free to fork and repurpose.

What is AlphaWallet?

AlphaWallet is an EVM specific wallet which supports rich token features (TokenScripts) and allows anyone to get their token and/or private EVM network into the hands of their users.

What is TokenScript?
TokenScript is an open-source framework designed to represent all the business logic for your token in a secure manner. It describes the functions provided by the token, the front end of the token, the ERC interface it uses and the logic needed to construct transactions. Every TokenScript must be signed by a valid issuer and can be run on both iOS and Android wallets in real-time.

Unlike native app code which requires a new app release, TokenScripts allow you to update your logic in real-time, without making any changes to the app itself.

If you have a mainnet or testnet token
If you have a public mainnet or testnet token and would like to have your token work instantly on AlphaWallet and the forks without writing any app code, visit our repo here to create your own TokenScript for your token.

TokenScripts allow you to write any custom business logic for your token and distribute it to your users via the AlphaWallet app or any fork. For example, the DeFi protocol has a range of interest-bearing tokens such as cDAI and cUSDC; each has a corresponding TokenScript which allow you to do all the key features of the protocol such as deposit/withdrawal, enabling the service and seeing your balances/interest rates.

You can check out the TokenScripts for compound by clicking here.

If your token or service uses a private network

If you instead have a token which runs on a network that is not public, you can easily fork and re-skin AlphaWallet to fit your own purpose, to begin simply fork our iOS and Android repos.

From there, you can still write TokenScripts for your private network tokens and expect them to run just like they would on mainnet.

At the time of this writing, AlphaWallet and TokenScript can trivially support any EVM based blockchain and in future we aim to make our platform blockchain agnostic.

A basic comparison of tokenisation framework (or you still prefer to call it DApp framework)

AlphaWallet Announces Partnership with Bartercard

Tokenise everything, a real token economy presented by Bartercard and AlphaWallet

Today, AlphaWallet is extremely excited to announce a new partnership we have entered with Bartercard to TOKENISE EVERYTHING. Some may think that this is ambitious of us, but we believe that it is possible. AlphaWallet along with Bartercard wants to use blockchain to help the global SME community develop a real token economy that has intrinsic value.

To give a little bit more background, Bartercard recently established the Qoin Association which built an Ethereum based network using Quorum and created the Qoin blockchain. Quorum was built in partnership by JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft.

They soon began issuing Qoin as a native currency, backed by goods & services, for their new blockchain. The goal is to enable a digital currency that empowers millions to trade and interact with each other around the world.

Recently, AlphaWallet and Bartercard developed the Qoin Wallet. This wallet will use Qoin as its payment token. Qoin Wallet will also feature other delivery tokens enabled by TokenScript like:

  • Tokenised vouchers
  • Tokenised receipts
  • Tokenised invoices
  • Tokenised hotel rooms
  • Tokenised restaurant tables
  • Tokenised delivery services
  • Tokenised reward points etc

The benefits of this type of system come from introducing a frictionless market with different services and systems integrated with tokens. A frictionless market makes trade much easier and cheaper no matter where you live. A market like this would create easier access to payment services, and it would create a rewards system that merchants could implement through tokenisation.

About Bartercard

Bartercard is the world’s largest centralised private B2B merchant ecosystem. This B2B ecosystem forms a ready nucleus open to the public and able to rapidly expand globally. Blockchain Investments “BCI” is the owner of Bartercard International, the world’s largest goods and services retail trade exchange, with 21,000 business members in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Thailand. For over 28 years Bartercard has operated its private digital currency known as the Bartercard Trade Dollar, and its members have traded over US$10 Billion on its trading platform. Website:

About The Qoin Association

The Qoin Association, established in Australia, is an independent, not for profit membership organization that operates the Qoin Blockchain and Qoin digital currency Australia is closely aligned to Asia, Europe and North America and has embraced Blockchain in terms of technology support and regulatory oversight. Website:

Clarifications Regarding AlphaWallet Tokenisation Project with Shankai Sports

Recently AlphaWallet announced our tokenisation project with Shankai Sports. However, the nature of the relationship has been incorrectly reported by the suggestion that this project was in partnership with UEFA and related to UEFA EURO 2020(TM). The original announcement has therefore been removed.

We extend our apology for any trouble this has caused UEFA and we would like to clarify what AlphaWallet is working on with Shankai Sports.

To be clear:

1. AlphaWallet does not have any partnership with UEFA nor any of its events including UEFA EURO 2020(TM).

2. AlphaWallet’s project is NOT related to any previous or current UEFA blockchain based solutions, neither is it related to the distribution of any tickets or hospitality packages for any of UEFA’s events, including UEFA EURO 2020(TM).

3. AlphaWallet and Shankai Sports have partnered to explore tokenisation solutions only for Shankai’s internal projects.

4. AlphaWallet is an open source tokenisation technology provider. We are NOT in the ticketing business, nor is it our intention to be.

Verify the authentic AlphaWallet app, from

On the iOS/Android stores we at have our AlphaWallet app — the Ethereum wallet which pioneered TokenScript.

If you have been visiting the iOS AppStore recently, specifically from the U.S. site, you may have come across this app by the same name…

A wallet app with the same name

This app is NOT released by our team at — the Ethereum wallet which pioneered TokenScript.

If you transfer your cryptocurrency into that wallet, we do not know what will happen to your funds.

We are reaching out to AppStore. In the meanwhile advise that:

It is safest to get AlphaWallet via links on the front page of

AlphaWallet is an opensource wallet product with dozens of forks. This “other” wallet that uses the same name is not one of the forks.

We also noticed that this other “AlphaWallet” app has password login. We never use password login, since, as a wallet maker, we use public-key authentication when our users need to access web services. Indeed, we suggest users categorically avoid wallet products that ask for a login password. Because:

  • Password is an insufficient method to protect your crypto.
  • A wallet is a key holding device. Therefore, it can authenticate in a more secure manner than passwords all by itself.

We will follow up promptly in the next a few days on our dealing with AppStore.

Fun fact:

  • Do you know is not owned by the current Bitcoin development team? We do own though.
  • Our CTO Weiwu just lost a round of beer since he bet on someone impersonating us before the end of 2019. It came 15 days too late for him.

UEFA’s Exclusive Sales Agent Partners With AlphaWallet For Blockchain Ticket Solution

To be continued

May the force be with you!

On October 23rd 2019, Shankai and AlphaWallet partnered together to tokenize 20,000+ XXXX XXXX (Which is a trademark we are not allowed to use anymore) VIP tickets using the public Ethereum blockchain and tokenisation framework TokenScript. The partnership exploring tokenisation solutions will continue, but the 20,000+ XXXX XXXX VIP tickets project has to stop, see here for details.

I am just as disappointed as you. We have all the technology ready, open sourced and are even working with OpenSea to enable TokenScript rendering on the biggest NFT marketplace. We will continue buldling to enable free, open source and transparent technology to flourish, instead of siloed, consortium based solutions which are SQL 2.0 minus the efficiency.

Here is what we are going to do:

1. We are working closely with Shankai to identify other top events which can be tokenized; announcements will be made shortly.

2. To show our love to the community, we will be partnering with the United Egalitarian Federation Association based in Raxus to give out Force 202 ABY Championship VIP tickets on Ethereum, all for free! Stay tuned!

3. All tickets will be available on AlphaWallet, Shankai’s ticketing app and any other ethereum wallet. You will also be able to trade these tickets on OpenSea and witness a surprise inside the ticket itself.

The main benefits to everyone involved (event organisers, right holders, Consumers)

Let’s look at the benefits from two angles, Market and Integration, which are also the primary uses of blockchain.

Market, Basically it means no more primary or secondary market, there will be only one free, open and regulated market. Free means less friction; Open means open to anyone who wants to participate; Regulated means rules are defined using smart contracts.

For Event Organisers and Rights holders:

  • Make the market more open and more efficient
  • The entire process of ticket circulation can be monitored (both Primary and Secondary market).
  • The entire process of ticket circulation can be controlled. Various rules can be defined using smart contracts to achieve regulation of the primary and secondary markets, and even get a cut from the secondary market transactions
  • Anyone can participate
  • Atomic DvP, guarantee payment is received at the instant tickets are delivered

For Consumers:

  • Lower ticket prices, due to a healthier and more efficient marketplace
  • No more fake tickets, tickets digitally verifiable
  • Can buy tickets at any time
  • Can buy tickets from anyone
  • Atomic DvP, guarantee ticket delivery at the instant payment is made

Integration, any services can be integrated on the consumer end through the tokenised tickets. For example, a user can access the services of partners to enjoy discounts on accommodation, flights, insurance, land transport, shopping, food and any other services. This is all without signing up for an account with each service, and then having to go through the long and tedious process of verifying that you have a real ticket. Service providers can verify a ticket without connecting to the issuer’s ticketing system.

For Event Organizers and Rights Holders: Allowed unlimited service integrations through the ticket token without needing to do the traditional system integrations. Each ticket is an open API in any user’s hand.

  • No more complicated business and tech processes to integrate 3rd party services.
  • Unlimited service integrations.

For Consumers:

  • Great convenience through integrating services on ticket token.
  • No more paper.
  • No more Sign up/log in.
  • No more Copy/Paste.
  • No more lock into one platform, you choose the best service provider for you.

The tech stack


What’s next

We will continue developing TokenScript and AlphaWallet. We are committed to bringing a new integrated web via tokenization. Tokenized rights can be traded on the market and integrated across systems, forming a frictionless market with limitless integrations.

If the web browser is what got people using the internet, it will be the wallet that enables people to use the blockchain. AlphaWallet is the wallet platform which will enable the mainstream to use the blockchain via their tokens.

Currently, AlphaWallet is working on several other tokenization projects with MNCs and leading blockchain startups. If you want to learn more, meet us at EDCON 2020 and experience the power of tokenisation during the event.

Thanks to James Zaki and Lucas Toledo.

AlphaWallet Pre Series-A funding!

Now the team is set to build the most robust crypto mobile wallet platform for you!

AlphaWallet has recently completed Pre Series A funding of 1.2 million USD from a strategic group of investors HashKey, Fenbushi and LongHash.

We are very excited to formally announce it and welcome these partners to the AlphaWallet family! We have a clear match in our visions and it’s a natural fit for what the different contributors bring with them.

These funds and investors are helping us take AlphaWallet to the next level! We are accelerating the efforts on building the wallet products as well as TokenScript which fuels innovation in token-based technologies and prepares us well for the next wave of user growth across the blockchain ecosystem.

To this day, most users still find it utterly difficult to interact with blockchain products. AlphaWallet being a mobile-first company is here to change this. We’re proud of the products we’ve delivered so far as we’ve got one of the most user-friendly mobile wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem and it’s already released on both iOS and Android. What we’re developing with TokenScript will bring functionality to tokens and make it easier for developers to utilize smart contracts functions.

Our aim is to establish AlphaWallet as a solid platform to serve the growth of the ecosystem and onboard the next influx of users across the various growth areas: DeFi, DAO, games and social applications with a cross-section of products. Our fundamental principles across our work security, usability and privacy.

Presenting AlphaWallet’s Pre Series A investors:
Leading the round is HashKey Capital — a major player in the Blockchain ecosystem with partners and portfolio such as Circle, Ethereum, DBS bank and many more. Hashkey is very helpful for AlphaWallet as they bring knowledge from their involvement in the industry and what they have learned working with their extensive portfolio companies, and institutional clients.

“Tokenization is at the core of blockchain applications. It’s also where blockchain can add value to businesses and I look forward to seeing TokenScript continue to drive innovations in this area.”

Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman @ Hashkey Group and Wanxiang Blockchain

“AlphaWallet team brings deep technical capabilities and tackle the most challenging business problems: real-world token utility. With AlphaWallet’s mobile app and their work in TokenScript, people will be able to do much more than only buying and selling tokens. HashKey Capital is very pleased to join the pre seriers A funding round of AlphaWallet”

Deng Chao, CEO @ HashKey Capital

Fenbushi Capital Have been important supporters and their network in the Blockchain world is tremendous. Having Shen Bo’s advise is very meaningful for AlphaWallet’s development.

“The team at AlphaWallet is a perfect fusion of passionate techies and business conscious realists. We are thrilled to be supporting such an exciting project.”

Shen Bo, General Partner @ Fenbushi Capital

“The technology AlphaWallet team are developing is solving the most important problems in the Blockchain industry at the moment and we’re excited to see the progress they are making on TokenScript and use cases that bring us closer to commercial adoption”

Rin Huang, Vice President @ Fenbushi Capital

LongHash Singapore and the LongHash Hatch Program we’ve gone through connected us to the global grassroots network they’ve established from APAC to Europe.

“A blockchain wallet needs to be so much more than just a send/receive app. While most wallets are aimed at holding/trading speculative tokens, AlphaWallet is poised to adopt the next wave of users who will have tokens that represent who they are, what they have done and what they can do. AlphaWallet is on a mission to be the ‘Mozilla Firefox’ of the web3.0 world.”

James Gong, Founder @ LongHash

“AlphaWallet participated in our inaugural LongHash Hatch program. We’re excited to see the progress that AlphaWallet is making on fundraising and glad to be able to facilitate that process with leading blockchain VC such as Fenbushi capital and HashKey Capital.”

Emma Cui, CEO @ LongHash Singapore

We also had amazing individuals contributing to this round and they’ve been a major strategic force influencing where AlphaWallet’s mission of smart tokens has started making the most impact.

“AlphaWallet is providing a solution to the trillion-dollar question: We now have peer-to-peer, programmable money powered by the blockchain and smart contracts, but how to integrate the business logic of the goods and services across the physical world and the digital world, concurrently let participants interact in a verifiable and fully decentralized manner.”

Pan Chao, China Lead @ MakerDAO

What’s next for AlphaWallet?

Since we started 1 year ago, we’ve been laser-focused on building a robust product that can serve the community as mobile adoption is growing. We will continue to put the community first as we build more new things. Now, we’re going to focus on working with partners who will be bringing missing functionality to crypto products with TokenScript and unlock features that will empower users and make it easier for developers to deploy their DApps.

But, we believe cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology isn’t only about technology, it’s first and foremost about the people, those early innovators who are already in the ecosystem as well as those who aren’t even aware of what crypto is.

AlphaWallet team!

As we’re preparing to the next step, we’re growing the team, If you like our work & consider joining, email us your story. We are mostly interested in product-oriented developers and generally people who are curious and excited to join us on our journey to build a future. where the free market is flourishing and people are empowered by our technologies!

Reach out and talk to us!