Leverage the power of NEST inside AlphaWallet 3.0

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June 5, 2020
Leverage the power of NEST inside AlphaWallet 3.0

NEST token has come out with a bang, quickly becoming one of the most popular tokens in the entire ethereum ecosystem.

But we noticed that to really use NEST on mobile, one must download yet another ethereum wallet just to leverage the special features offered by NEST such as deposit, withdraw and claiming your dividend.

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This stirred us up, so we decided we were going to make NEST work inside our app using the power of TokenScript; a framework for smart tokens that run on iOS and Android, with the key features highlighted.

That’s exactly what we did, after a couple of hours of researching and coding, now all AlphaWallet and other TokenScript compatible wallets users will be able to leverage NEST within the app, enjoy!

Deposit, withdraw and claim your NEST dividend inside AlphaWallet

More NEST features are coming soon, like reporting price to NEST Oracle and etc.

Nest token

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