About Digital Signature

Digital Signature – not the graffiti made with Apple Pen on a PDF file; I am referring to the tamper-resistant cryptographic signatures – is recognised legit in most countries in the world now, 40 years after its invention. Such signature schemes always require a certificate issued by some identity checking organisation to be legally binding […]

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ERC875, a new standard for non fungible tokens and cheap atomic swaps

With the recent rise of cryptokitties, the crypto world has been taking by storm, adorable blockchain pets that are immutably stored on chain has created massive enthusiasm that is even enticing the layman to join in and get their hands on a rare breed. But this new enthusiasm surfaced a downside, the ethereum network was […]

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Have a DApp that you'd like to display and customise in our wallet?


Note: iOS only for now!
- Sunday Aug 18 - 7:01am

Edit: enable has been added https://t.co/MYIYyqVAFo
- Sunday Aug 18 - 6:49am

    August 5, 2019
    AlphaWallet Pre Series-A funding!

    AlphaWallet has recently completed Pre Series A funding of 1.2 million USD from a strategic group of investors HashKey, Fenbushi and LongHash. […]

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