Sokol POA price is $0 – and it will always be!

Yes. There is no mistake. Sokol POA price is $0. It has no value. This is a testnet, which was created for developers on a different network. The developer networks are like ‘Monopoly’ money. They have zero financial worth but are used by developers to try out new designs without spending valuable coins.

sokol poa price

We want to highlight how scammers are trying to steal your money, selling you assets like Sokol POA.

The standard scenario of the SOKOL POA scam:

1.Victims see ads on Instagram (one of the profile names – profit with Catherine fx) or send a direct message on Telegram.

2. Scammers build a relationship over time. It might take up to a month.

3. They promise to make them passive income if they allow this ‘scammer’ to trade on their behalf.

4. Sign them up on the website: (not sure whether this is legit or not. But to potential victims, it looks legit). It might change, so pay attention.

5. Scammers take money (here the steps start to diverge, sometimes they do it only after)

6. When it the time to share profit, they say that either the bank process is tedious or the bank is down. Otherwise, say that crypto is the best option to take profit.

7. Ask them to download and set up AlphaWallet. Ask them to turn on four networks a) Ethereum b) xDAI c) Binance d) Sokol

8. Ask for more money, through email, for activating an account. This is not us!

9. Scammers send Sokol and say that they are equal to 1 ETH to 10 Sokol. But please remember that the Sokol token price is $0. And it will always be zero. Victims try to fail and finally reach out to us, either through our Website or through support on the App.

10. So if you are wondering what is the current Sokol POA price, Sokol POA market price, Sokol price… It is always $0.

How to avoid getting scammed?

  • First of all, do not trust people out of internet that offer to buy a crypto in your behalf.
  • Always check if what you are buying has a real value. All testnets like Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan, Sokol, Binance testnet, Heco testnet, Artis tau1, Fantom Testnet, Avalanche FUJI C-chain, Mumbai have absolutely no value. Zero.

Read: SOKOL tokens have no value. Beware of scammers!