Case Study: eCommerce Marketplace

Abstract: International ecommerce marketplace provider, the biggest in its segment, wants to make their tokens more user friendly and intuitive for their customer segments. Small business owners were the key segment that the company wanted to target as they were the main users of these tokens.


By using a whitelabelled version of AlphaWallet, the ecommerce company was able to quickly create a clean and customised wallet that was intuitive to their target users. The app was also customised easily to ensure that the regulated KYC processes were followed.

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AlphaWallet and the ecommerce company are working together to design and deliver experiences that are simple, familiar and intuitive to a new generation of non-tech savvy segment of customers.

The Pain Points

In order to make the tokens meaningful to the users, the ecommerce company had to:

  • Create a custom wallet that makes the token interactions simple 
  • Or create a DApp website and associated features, which will a steep learning curve for the new customers
  • Ensure that all the basic functionality of blockchain wallet is captured at the same time create a simple user journey for specific functions
  • Collect and maintain all the details of the users to meet compliance requirements from the regulators
  • Finding and maintaining talent

Traditionally only very large enterprises have the capability to deliver such customised wallet experiences to their customers, through considerable investment. And even if the solution is developed, the tokens would be locked into the wallet and ecosystem as all unique token experiences are only associated with the customised app.

The Solution

A digital token, with unique identification tagging the car such as VIN Number, was created to create the digital representation of the ownership of the car. This token was enriched using TokenScript protocols to access the car and its telemetric systems.

Further features and customisations were rolled out into the whitelabelled wallet, based on the results of user testing and feedback. The agile approach to development and delivery of the wallet from AlphaWallet helped the company to do constant releases with new features specific for both the company as well as other app enhancements from AlphaWallet.

As the complete source code of AlphaWallet and TokenScript is open sourced, the code base can be trusted and there is no vendor lock in for the customer. The token experiences are consistently enriched as more use cases are validated through customer testing. These token experiences can be accessed by any other 70+ forks of AlphaWallet as they all support TokenScript standards.

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