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AlphaWallet is a secure and intuitive crypto wallet for Ethereum. Everything you expect of your tokens, straight
from your wallet.

  • Tokens and collectibles in one place
  • Interact directly with your tokens
  • Browse dapps securely

we worked for brands such as

Video Transcript

Blockchain is being adopted by some of the most tech-savvy companies and entrepreneurs all around the world to disrupt the traditional norms of doing business. From trade finance to entertainment to e-commerce – blockchain is proving out its metal in different arenas.

However, blockchain and smart contracts can be confusing for even the most crypto enthusiasts at times. Distributed Applications or DApps have UIs that require multiple steps that initiate complex transactions.

Are you an early adopter of blockchain, with a great idea and are looking for ways to make it easier for your users to adopt your solution? Making tokens smarter might be the answer. And if you want to make your tokens smart look no further than AlphaWallet.

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AlphaWallet is a smart digital wallet for your crypto tokens. And what makes AlphaWallet special is that it makes tokens smarter by integrating the functions of your smart contracts into the token itself. AlphaWallet does this using a technology called TokenScript.

We have tokenized many real-world items such as FIFA tickets, Car keys, Apartment keys, Charity donations, etc. These tokens are designed in such a way that even non-crypto users can use the tokens intuitively to complete transactions

AlphaWallet is completely open sourced and constantly improved by us, in partnership with the growing community of developers and users.

There are over 74 wallets that leverage the core of AlphaWallet, as it is open-sourced, to cater to very specific needs for their niche audience. The user spectrum of AlphaWallet ranges from super early adopters to mom & dad coffee shop owners. One of the major business implementations of the wallet, with the largest trade-exchange group in the world, enables its normal users to make sense of virtual tokens, assets, and smart contract interactions to enable trade with crypto coins internationally.

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