Looking for a Kickass Android Developer

We’re growing our mobile development team at AlphaWallet. Join us in building the most popular fully open-source, non-custodial multi-chain wallet, used by 300+ projects in the blockchain community. We are also working on several projects that make NFTs more usable and accessible for everyday users.

android developer AlphaWallet

AlphaWallet is looking for a fellow self-motivated Android developer to join the team and eventually take over the future direction for our Android platform. You may or may not have developed on Ethereum before, however you will have developed your own apps previously.

We are a fairly new company making the transition from startup to become a cornerstone of the decentralised community. Some of the projects we are working on are aiming to become part of the ethereum/decentralised ecosystem, and as all work you would be doing is (or will become) open source you have a chance to contribute to the fabric of this rapidly growing space.

Our ideal candidate

Our ideal candidate would be comfortable working on full sub-projects; bringing a concept hatched by our UX/ideas team (in which you would eventually contribute) into actuality and released for end users. You should have an eye for detail, and we don’t like to say OCD but it might seem like that at times; when the feature has to be just right.

We work with elements of ‘extreme programming’ in that the driving philosophy is similar to the hackathon where you would lay down code that fulfils the task, but you will later re-factor to produce minimal, simple and clean code that’s easy to maintain.

You would be working with the Product, Design and Marketing teams to transform specifications into beautiful, smooth, resilient applications.

Note that the role would not necessarily be confined to Android development. If you have a concept that’s compatible with the eventual goal of the company then we would encourage that. For example; in our early days we took a detour and built a fully functioning Ethereum -> IoT bridge so that we could power the office door with ethereum tokens.

AlphaWallet may currently be one of the lesser known wallets; but we are steadily gaining users; under your reign the wallet should become one of the top ‘go-to’ wallets when people recommend wallets on their dapp. You can meet our team.


  • Develop and maintain the Android version of the AlphaWallet Android application
  • Work closely with clients team to customise and improve whitelabel versions of AlphaWallet.
  • Working closely in collaboration with the product and design teams. Provide guidance on best implementation.
  • Write maintainable code, applying testing responsibly. Collaborate with others on the Alphawallet team (desktop and Android) to formulate best practices.
  • Work alongside privacy and security experts to help provide a secure and private experience for our users.
  • Work with the open source community on GitHub – help guide contributors by being transparent about our work items and helping review externally submitted work. Contribute back to the community when possible (improving an open source library we use, etc).

Required qualifications:

  • 5+ years experience with Android development
  • Strong Java development skills
  • Android Studio and/or Eclipse IDE experience
  • Demonstrated experience developing for material design
  • Android SDK, NDK, and JNI experience
  • Experience with software development via distributed development teams
  • Comfortable working in an open source setting in an asynchronous environment
  • Preferred: working experience writing C++ code

This position is remote-friendly. Qualified candidates from anywhere are welcomed to apply.


Competitive packages offered

How to apply:

Send us email to info@alphawallet.com

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