Enjoy The Full Power of Crypto Tokens

AlphaWallet is a secure and intuitive crypto wallet for Ethereum. Everything you expect from your tokens, straight from your wallet.

  • Tokens and collectibles in one place
  • Interact directly with your tokens
  • Browse dApps securely

Trusted by the most important brands in the blockchain community

Earn With DeFi

Use your coins to earn Interest, Invest or Borrow with Aave, Compound, and others. Get the most out of your tokens.

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Keep Your Collectibles

NFTs and ERC721 collectibles? Keep, manage and trade. Own your world.

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Manage Your Name

Native ENS tokens management. Send and receive payments with names, not just address numbers.

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Send With MagicLink

Send cryptocurrency and NFTs to others with a simple link.

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Buy Crypto With Fiat

On-ramp with the best rates in the market through the browser.

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Your Identity

Unique email attestation feature lets you to prove your identity when browsing the web3.

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The Full Power of Tokens

Access services with tokens, directly from your wallet — no dApp necessary. On or off-chain.

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Private, No KYC Required

No KYC and no personal data collected. Never be locked out of your account by someone else. Like it should be.

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Use your mobile camera to connect with desktop dApps in an instant.

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The Safest Wallet, Ever

‘Secure Enclave’ technology gives you cutting edge hardware-grade security. Authenticate your access with biometrics.

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