We believe in a Decentralised Future

Meaningful and secure asset interaction.

View and interact with smart contracts as coded by the authors, using the best implementation of TokenScript. Tokens are made smart with richer context, no more uncertainty with smart contract calls


Add value, and increase the reach of your tokens with a mobile-first experience.

Developers, get started building on the blockchain today.


Our protocols make dapps easier, find out more.


A new standard that allows transferring/trading NFT's efficiently

Blockchain Attestation

A new framework to allow identity attestations on the blockchain

Cheque Protocol

Allows information to be stored or verified off-chain and on-chain

Coming Soon

Use Cases

Here we have real life examples of Tokenscript that we created.

FIFA Ticketing

We used Tokenscript and AlphaWallet to enforce tickets for the FIFA world cup.

Satoshi's Villa

A new way to unlock someone's home using Tokenscript, hardware and blockchain. This was a really fun project, check it out!