Benefit of using Blockchain for business

Blockchain disrupts traditional business models. It enables decentralized models with greater security, traceability, immutability and efficiency at scale across multiple industry use cases.

benefits of using blockchain for business
  • Automatic execution. Streamline business processes through programmable transactions and real-time clearing and settlement.
  • Advanced security. Mitigate risk with tamper-proof data coordination and granular security controls.
  • Trusted business networks. Quickly deploy permissioned networks with shared business logic and customizable governance.
  • Digital asset management. Rapidly create and manage digital assets and instruments.
  • Production grade. Manage a compliant blockchain platform at scale with zero downtime.

Blockchain and Tokenisation

You can now represent on a blockchain almost anything your business might do. We contend the killer use of blockchain is for tokenized, tradable rights.

Tokenised rights can be traded on the market and integrated across systems, forming a frictionless market and allowing limitless integration, increasing the overall value of your business products when tokenized.

Case Study: eCommerce Marketplace

See how Bartercard successfully increased the value of its digitized currency “Qoin”, the more participants join its merchant network.

ecommerce on blockchain

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The AlphaWallet app is the interface for your users to interact with underlying smart contracts, through web3 browser dapps or via tokens, using TokenScript.

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