AlphaWallet 3.0 — Your tokens but smarter

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June 6, 2020
AlphaWallet 3.0 — Your tokens but smarter

The team at AlphaWallet is excited to bring to your AlphaWallet version 3.0!This release comes packed with smarter tokens, ENS integration and a much more intuitive UI.

ENS Integration

Thanks to the ENS team and TokenScript Schema 2020/06, AlphaWallet now comes with ENS integration, allowing you to view your ENS names, renew them & set an email address for them.

ENS name mobile app
ENS Manage your ENS name, all in the app

Whether you are a mass domain buyer or just want to manage your personal ENS names; these features are perfect for you.

Covet a domain that someone else owns? Simply watch their wallet in the app and check their email record.

A domain is going to expire? No worries, simply renew it via the token card.

We will later integrate refunding of ENS names that have been held for a year or more, allowing you to receive a refund for the ENS names you wish you hadn’t bought. Talk to us to use any other ENS functions natively.

Flush the sh*tcoins with our new manage token panel

With this release, you now have the ability to select/hide the tokens you want from the main settings menu. No more useless tokens in your wallet!

Event Support

AlphaWallet now supports the reading of events for your tokens inside the wallet. This means you can now feed updates and other relevant information inside your token cards with TokenScript.

Your token on mobile in minutes

A TokenScript allows you to showcase all the key features of your token natively in the app. No need to create your own custom wallet to suit your token.

Our new release is compatible with our ABI-to-TokenScript web tool which means you can have your own token in iOS and Android in minutes. Try it out here!

Learn more about the web tool here.

Many token issuers have their token in our wallet, what about you? See more here.

NEST token integration and many more

NEST is a new ERC20 token project that has hit the ethereum space with a vengeance. When we discovered that you have to download yet another wallet to leverage the power of NEST, we were mad and decided to integrate it within our wallet with TokenScript.

nest token
Nest Token in AlphaWallet app

You can read more about NEST Token here.

Want to fork AlphaWallet for your own use?

Jump over to our GitHub and fork away, we don’t mind one bit. Available under the MIT license. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

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