Earn with DeFi

Got started with crypto and ETH to earn more and profit? AlphaWallet gives you everything you need to earn more. Do it from your SmartTokens or with the Web3 Browser feature.

Compatible with any ETH-based dapp, it lets you earn from a wide range of tokens and assets built on the Ethereum chain: Stablecoins, collectibles, NFTs, and many others

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Earn Interest with Lending

You can find the best rates in the market directly from your DAI or USDC tokens, and start earning interest immediately. Or you can choose other platforms to lend with from the web3 browser.

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Earn with Liquidity Pools

Use the web3 browser to visit swapping platforms such as Uniswap, Compound or Fulcrum and start supplying liquidity. Earn a percentage by providing liquidity to users.

Earn with Liquidity Pools

Borrow & Leverage

Use the web3 browser to borrow ETH or stablecoins from platforms like Aave, Compound, Dharma and many others. Set your risk tolerance. Use the borrowed amounts to trade on leverage, as a cash advance or anything else, really.

Trade & Arbitrage

Access decentralized exchanges such as DDEX or Dy/Dx and start trading with no fees. To profit from arbitrage, use tools like the Price Tracker with your AlphaWallet and act on best opportunities.

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