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TokenScript framework let’s you bring context, security and cross-platform functionality to your tokens with a single XML/JS file. Run your tokens as native, modular ‘mini-Dapps’ in user wallets.

Token Script examples

Read: Github Repo (TokenScipt-examples)

Limitless Possibilities For Your Tokens

TokenScript lets you define a set of rules to describe the business logic of your token as an XML file, signed with JavaScript.

Portable ‘Dapps’ as Tokens

TokenScript of a token is like making the dapp of the token portable and usable across multiple DApps.

Secure attestation

TokenScript signs and secures the token with a sandboxed and code signed model that separates token rendering code from transaction generating code. 

Private communication

TokenScript is a layer between the blockchain and the user and his dApp

Blockchain agnostic

But can contain blockchain specific declarations.

Token issuer can update at any time

The TokenScript file is signed by the creator of the Smart Contract with two public keys and can be updated at any time.

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