How to buy Crypto with Debit Card/Credit Card?

Would you like to know how to buy crypto with Debit Card/Credit Card? Maybe you want to buy crypto using Apple Pay or Google Play?

With the web3 browser, AlphaWallet lets you quickly buy Ethereum and other stablecoins directly from your wallet.

For a small amount between $10-$250

Use one of the suggested methods below in the AlphaWallet browser. How to do this? Download AlphaWallet app first, then, Create a new Wallet, Open Browser and enter on of the links below.

how to buy crypto with debit card

For a middle size amount of $250 and above

You can use regulated stablecoin services in the AlphaWallet browser. For example, you can use USDC and PAX by opening the suggested methods below inside the browser:

Follow the steps to create a Circle or PAXOS account and start minting USDC/PAX from your currency.

how to buy crypto with credit card

Once you have PAX or USDC in your AlphaWallet, use to swap them into ETH. Use Unlock and then Swap now to complete.

how to buy crypto with debit card

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