Benefits of Crypto Tokens

benefits of crypto

AlphaWallet was founded in late 2017, to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by enabling better functionality for tokens. This is significant because tokens are cornerstones of blockchain adoption and the token user experience is reminiscent of the internet at its infancy before browsers were invented. 

Crypto tokens are one of the most important innovations of the 21st century because crypto tokens allow the creation of truly frictionless markets and deep integrations of web services.  

Frictionless Market

Tokenization is the fundamental step in creating or representing attests on the blockchain. Once the asset is tokenized, then the asset can be easily traded or exchanged for any other assets without any intermediaries on a global scale. This removes all the frictions that exist today in making a market today, leading the path to a truly frictionless market.

Deep integrations 

One of the key benefits that the web ushered into humanity was the ability to integrate different services to create meaningful experiences for users. However, integrations remain challenging as dedicated planning, design, and implementation are required. However, in a tokenized world integrations can be done in a decentralized fashion without the pain of setting standards and creating dedicated channels. Underlying blockchain stitches all the stakeholders together. 


Blockchain is making waves in the financial world through new concepts such as  Decentralised Finance (Defi), Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and Security Token Offering (STO). It also created a new asset class, opening doors for a very active trading ecosystem. Use AlphaWallet to trade your favorite tokens as well as to interact with Defi in a wallet native fashion.


Blockchain paves the way to new business models, doing away with the intermediates and middlemen, who add no value to the transaction. From banking to royalty payments, blockchain will disrupt the incumbents in multiple industries, while creating a more decentralized world. Tokenize your assets with TokenScript and embrace crypto for your users partnering with AlphaWallet.


AlphaWallet is an independent open-sourced wallet. AlphaWallet does not collect or store any personal information about our users. Using AlphaWallet will ensure you are leveraging the best in class privacy and security standards for your blockchain transactions.

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