AlphaWallet supports all major Ethereum protocols, ERC20 and ERC721. Additionally, we also make available for you the following protocols, making dapp development easier.


A simple non-fungible token standard that allows batching tokens into lots and settling P2P atomic transfers in one transaction.

While other standards allow the user to transfer a non-fungible token, they require one transaction per token. This is heavy on the gas and partially responsible for clogging the ethereum network. There are also few definitions for how to do a simple atomic swap.

Experiment with ERC875

To learn more, visit ERC875 Repository

Blockchain Attestation

An attestation is a signed claim by an attester. For example, a marriage certificate is an attestation to attest the marriage.

Attestations are useful on the web. For example, an email address attestation helps the website to be sure that the user owns the email address without having to resort to sending email verification code.

identity on blockchain attestation

And it is useful on the blockchain. For example, an ICO contract could be written in a way that only attested investors could participate in the early rounds. A financial advisor can sign such attestation. An example of allowing one to redeem either using an identifier attestation, in a scenario like “Alice sends Bob 𝑥 amount of Ether without knowing Bob’s Ethereum address (but Bob’s identifier like email address).”

Attestations are issued off-chain and used on-chain.

Read: Blockchain Attestation Repository

Cheque Protocol

Allows information to be stored or verified off-chain and on-chain.

Coming soon.

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