AlphaWallet is the world’s first ethereum wallet using ‘Secure Enclave’ technology, giving you hardware-grade, ‘cold wallet level’ security for your funds and assets.

  • Use biometrics or pin-code authentication to prevent unwanted access to your AlphaWallet in case of device access or loss.
  • AlphaWallet is non-custodial and will never impose KYC requests. Unlike some more famous custodial wallets, you are not at a risk of being denied access to your funds.
  • 12-word seed phrase means you control your keys, and your funds are fully recoverable in case of device loss. To restore your address, use your seed phrase with AlphaWallet, or another deterministic ETH wallet that uses the BIP39 standard.

Other security features

  • Unique AlphaWallet attestation feature allows you to prove your identity when browsing the web3 with your email or phone number, so nobody can pretend to you or do transactions under your name.
  • WalletConnect lets you securely connect with your favourite dapps on the desktop without putting your keys or tokens at risk. Sign any transactions from your mobile device before they happen.

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