Smart Tokens

AlphaWallet lets you interact and use your token features without having to go through dapps, connect with your desktop, or other unnecessary steps.

For example, you can start earning interest from your DAI or USDC from your tokens, instead of connecting to Dapps like Compound or Aave. Or you can renew and manage your ENS domains from the token itself.

Use your tokens like they were ‘mini-dapps’ and enjoy an easier (and safer) native-like experience.

AlphaWallet is the first wallet to give you total possibilities for your tokens.

How does it work?

AlphaWallet uses the TokenScript framework, which makes tokens become “smart”. SmartTokens can communicate and interact with dapp smart contracts.

The token issuers can assign the actions they wish to highlight, giving you an interface to use your token with.

What SmartTokens are available?

As more SmartTokens are created, you can expect to see richer crypto experiences from your wallet. 

  • ENS domain tokens: Manage, Renew, set your records or quickly transfer to sell your .eth domains
  • Earn interest with DAI or USDC tokens: Check what is the highest interest available for your tokens and instantly lend them to start earning.
  • Interact with COMP: use your COMP tokens to delegate, transfer and learn more.
  • Ticket tokens: Redeem, transfer and access events.
  • Car tokens: Unlock your Karma car directly from your ownership token.
  • Time tokens: Sell your time, or buy access to expertise.
  • Qoin currency tokens: find the nearest participating merchants and earn benefits.
  • Chilliz sports tokens: access exclusive deals and participate with club events.

Upcoming SmartTokens

AlphaWallet team is working to get more SmartTokens available. As more token issuers and wallets adopt the TokenScript framework, you can expect a richer, native-like experience from your wallet.

Would you like to request a token to be interactive? Contact us at 

SmartToken Philosophy


We think you should be able to do much more with tokens, not just be able to hold them.

  • If you have a hotel token for a month, you should be able to enter it.
  • If you have a club membership token, you should be able to vote, login to the club’s forum and enter the club’s door.
  • If you own a crypto-kitty, you should be able to use it in any game.


Then they should be open and usable across several dapps. If your token only works on one website, or one system, you don’t need one… a record in a centralised database will do.


Finally, they should be secure while using, not just when being bought and sold.

The team at AlphaWallet is committed to bringing Web 3.0 via tokenization. Tokenised rights can be traded on the market and integrated across systems, forming a Frictionless Market and allowing Limitless Integration.

How to make SmartTokens?

TokenScript is what powers ‘SmartTokens’.

These are like traditional ERC20 or ERC721 tokens, but with extendable structure & signed JavaScript to realise rich functions that DApps struggle to implement, and be traded with flexible, customisable trading rules.

By taking the knowledge of tokens including smart contract interfaces out and placing them into a portable TokenScript file, we allow tokens to be accessible and useful.

Read: Learn more about TokenScript here

What does SmartTokens mean to my business?

SmartTokens enable rich, native experiences for your users with the use of your branded tokens.

AlphaWallet is a whitelabel, open source wallet core & UI that you can use together with TokenScript to quickly build MVPs. Start working on your use case at a fraction of the cost and time traditional development would involve.

Check use cases:

For a token that represents ownership of a car, with TokenScript, you can start the engine. For a token that represents a book, with the help of TokenScript, you can read it. For a token that represents a project’s labour, you can get work done, or gets insurance.

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