The Best Wallet for ERC20 Tokens

AlphaWallet supports all Ethereum ERC20 standard tokens. Securely store, receive, send and trade with any of your tokens. Your coins are your own.

Best Wallet for ER20 Tokens

What are ERC20 tokens?

ERC20 tokens are Ethereum blockchain native tokens. Unlike tokens like Bitcoin or Litecoin, they do not have their own blockchain. They adhere to the ERC20 standard, hence the name. Because of this, these tokens are compatible with most Ethereum wallets (AlphaWallet included). They are stored on Ethereum addresses and spend gas to be sent.

Anyone can issue an ERC20 token, which has led to a wide spectrum of interesting use cases. Well-known ERC20 token examples are DAI, Tether, Chainlink, Brave’s BAT tokens, 0x, and many others.

Why AlphaWallet?

Why is AlphaWallet the best wallet for ERC20 tokens?

  • Store and manage any of the 200.000+ ERC20 tokens
  • Send tokens with MagicLink
  • Easily receive tokens with your ENS address/li>
  • Receive, send or exchange tokens with the dapp browser
  • Connect with desktop dapps with WalletConnect
  • Secure Enclave keeps your tokens safe
  • No KYC or personal data collected

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