Verify the authentic AlphaWallet app, from

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Victor Zhang
January 15, 2020
Verify the authentic AlphaWallet app, from

On the iOS/Android stores we at have our AlphaWallet app — the Ethereum wallet which pioneered TokenScript.

If you have been visiting the iOS AppStore recently, specifically from the U.S. site, you may have come across this app by the same name…

This app is NOT released by our team at — the Ethereum
wallet which pioneered TokenScript. If you transfer your cryptocurrency into that wallet, we do not know what will happen to your funds.

We are reaching out to AppStore. In the meanwhile advise that:

It is safest to get AlphaWallet via links on the front page of

AlphaWallet is an opensource wallet product with dozens of forks. This “other” wallet that uses the same name is not one of the forks.

We also noticed that this other “AlphaWallet” app has a password
login. We never use password login, since, as a wallet maker, we use public-key authentication when our users need to access web services. Indeed, we suggest users categorically avoid wallet products that ask
for a login password. 

  • A password is an insufficient method to protect your crypto.
  • A wallet is a key holding device. Therefore, it can authenticate in a more secure manner than passwords all by itself.

We will follow up promptly in the next few days on our dealing with AppStore.

Fun fact:

  • Do you know is not owned by the current Bitcoin
    development team? We do own though.
  • Our CTO Weiwu just lost a round of beer since he bet on someone
    impersonating us before the end of 2019. It came 15 days too late for
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