AlphaWallet Welcomes the Defi Money Market Foundation!

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Victor Zhang
May 13, 2020
AlphaWallet Welcomes the Defi Money Market Foundation!

AlphaWallet is excited to announce to the community our integration with the DeFi Money Market (DMM) ecosystem. Now empowered to earn from the mobile app, AlphaWallet users have access to stable yield (currently set at 6.25%) backed by real-world income-generating assets and can view the value of the corresponding mTokens that are minted by the DMM protocol.

mToken explained

AlphaWallet users holding Ethereum, USDC, and DAI now have access to both hard wallet level security and a special opportunity to earn on deposits. This integration allows users to swap any of the above-mentioned assets for mTokens (mETH, mUSDC, mDAI), which enable interest payments through the DMM ecosystem. This means permissionless and borderless access to yield with virtually non-existent deposit minimums. What makes this integration unique is the Defi Money Market Ecosystem’s collateralization of real-world assets. Not only is it unique to crypto to offer yield based on real-world income-generating assets, but the Defi Money Market Ecosystem is currently significantly overcollateralized, providing a safe environment for users to earn. All yield provided to ecosystem participants is backed by real-world assets that generate income greater than the interest owed, and all of these real-world assets are transparently made available on the ​DMM Explorer. Additionally, the DMM Foundation’s collaboration with Chainlink adds an extra layer of security and trust to the ecosystem by writing essential data on-chain that details the ecosystem’s health and collateralization.

What is AlphaWallet?

AlphaWallet is a simple, secure, and intuitive advanced Ethereum mobile wallet compatible with TokenScript. The wallet grants users the ability to earn with DeFi, vote on a DAO, play games, and much more via an inbuilt Dapp browser. Enjoy access to the full web3 world while surfing with cutting edge hardware-level security utilizing Secure Enclave. Continuing to empower our users with world-class technology, we are happy to add DMM to our list of partners.

What is DMM?

DeFi Money Market (DMM) provides a decentralized, transparent, and permissionless environment to empower all citizens to once again earn interest on their currency backed by real-world assets represented on-chain. The DeFi Money Market (DMM) protocol acts as a bridge between Ethereum digital assets and real-world assets, allowing digital asset holders to earn interest completely on-chain in the way they are accustomed to, but driven by a secure and uncorrelated basket of real-world assets.

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