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Focusing on Usability, Scalability and Privacy

BUIDL on the Blockchain

Have a DApp idea? We build the wallet and protocols to bring your ideas to life and in front of your iOS and Android users. We are fully open source and allow you to boost your DApps usability, scalability and privacy so that you can bring the best user experience to your customers.


AlphaWallet's protocols allow you to run as much of your business logic off-chain as possible. Keep your private information locally and away from the blockchain.

Mobile Platform

Eliminate the need for your own dedicated wallet, simply use AlphaWallet's mobile platform to support your DApp and get it to your customers faster. We support a range of protocols to suit your needs.


A new standard that allows transferring non fungible tokens in bundles (vs one by one limitation of ERC721) and contains methods to settle orders in a cheap yet equally safe and decentralized way.

Learn More ERC875

Blockchain Attestation

A new framework to allow identity attestatations on the blockchain with minimal leakage (i.e. verify age without giving away birthdate) by issuing attestations off-chain and transforming it into a privacy preserving cryptographic format - Merkle Tree - to be used on blockchain.

Learn More ERC1386 ERC1387 ERC1388

Cheque Protocol

Allows information to be stored or verified off-chain and only when necessary uses blockchain resources. This reduces resources required and dependence on blockchain.

Use Cases

Sell event tickets, with 100% trust: Shankai Sports used AlphaWallet’s Protocol ERC875 to create FIFA World Cup tickets, with each non-fungible token representing a unique seat, this solved ticketing fraud and used smart contracts to regulate the secondary market. Along the way, we implemented an atomic swap system to allow ticket holders to safely sell and transfer their tickets to others and thought aloud about implementing KYC via cryptographic identity protocols that improve event safety.


  • Inception Jan 2018
    In January 2018, we raised USD 240,000 from the 4 co-founders to start the project.
  • ERC875 Token Mar 2018
    In March 2018, we published
  • Seed Funding Mar 2018
    In March 2018, we raised some funds to support our project.
  • Official Launch May 2018
    In May 2018,
  • ERC875 First Use Case Jun 2018
    In June 2018, Shankai Sports started blockchain
  • Blockchain Attestation Jul 2018
    In July 2018, we published
  • First Industry Report Aug 2018
    In August 2018, we published the
  • Identity Attestation Present
    First use case for KYC in ICO project.
  • ERC1386, ERC1387, ERC1388 Present
    In September, we published

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